Every financial decision you make can impact your cash flow

An effective accounting service must go beyond simple tax return preparation. It should include comprehensive tax, operations and financial planning to help you manage the big picture of your finances.

Our team will not only accurately prepare returns for all types of entities, (including individuals, corporations, partnerships, trusts, estates and not-for-profit organizations), but we’ll be your trusted advisor as we assess the implications of your financial decisions. 

We’re your financial strategy partner, helping you proactively minimise liabilities and stay up to date with today’s legislation.

Outsource CFO

Outsource CFO is our all-inclusive package that includes all our small business services, at a fraction of the cost of an actual CFO or Controller. We handle every aspect of your day-to-day accounting functions, providing the expertise, systems and training you need. 

As seasoned CFOs and COOs with extensive backgrounds in management, human resources, financial operations and entrepreneurship, we’re competent in a range of specialities including:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Human Capital
  • Growth Planning
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Projections
  • Operational Analysis

We have experience with both start-ups and established companies in various industries, such as retail, hospitality, professional services, software development, manufacturing, and medicine. Outsourced CFOs can get involved in many aspects of a business and have a direct impact your business’ profitability. Learn more about these key functions below.

Budgeting & Forecasting
Our financial forecast and budget planning service focuses on the exact details of your projected financials. 

A financial forecast is one of the most important tools an organization can have. It’s your detailed financial roadmap, giving you a step-by-step guide to take you from where you are now to where you want to be. A financial forecast includes analysis, strategy, and practicality. 

Whilst shorter in scope than the strategic forecast, your budget plan supports the day-to-day financial actions within your organization. Much like a personal budget for a family, budgeting for your business helps guide the year’s financial decisions while keeping the company in line with your forecast.

Financial Strategy
A CFO will bring a higher level of financial strategy to your organization. Whilst we assist you with financial records through our small business accounting services, a CFO is focused on the detailed financial plan for your organization. They’re experts at building long-term strategies and short-term budgeting systems to that help you build a robust financial infrastructure.

Systems Strategy & Design
If your financial management systems struggle to keep up with your growth, your operational processes will deteriorate. While outsourced CFOs don’t implement the actual systems, we help to analyze your current challenges, identify your needs, and design processes that reduce costs. We also help select and negotiate terms with vendors, helping you maximize your liquidity.

Raising Capital & Securing Funding
Raising capital and acquiring funding is often a business owner’s biggest challenge. By employing our enterprise services in conjunction with outsourced CFO, you’ll have our help to secure all the funding you need for future growth.

Making Cost Cuts
Strategic cost cuts are largely easier for consultants to make than for the business owner or manager.

An outside source has no emotional ties to the business. Your outsourced CFO can be more effective at making cuts because:

They’re more objective. Where managers or teams may have an interest in particular initiatives, outsourced CFOs have no cost-cutting biases. Our decisions are based on data and experience alone.

They’re more analytical. Cost-cutting isn’t a simple “big numbers bad, small numbers good” game. To achieve sustainable cost reductions that drive company goals, thoughtful consideration, analysis, and objective decision-making needs to happen.

Capital Structure
How much financing do you need? What combination of debt and equity will help you achieve your growth outcomes? An outsourced CFO can help you answer these questions and determine what capital structure is best for your organization.

Cash Flow Analysis & Restructuring
Cash flow is the largest challenge businesses face. However, solving cash flow issues involves more than just simply bringing in more revenue. 

Knowing which expenses are essential for your organization’s growth and which can be let go or modified is crucial. We take a deep dive into your financials to figure out how to maximize your bottom line. This may include:

  • Renegotiating vendor contracts
  • Restructuring client contracts
  • Ensuring pricing is aligned with company & industry trends
  • Attributing costs to revenues

Facilitating Mergers, Acquisitions, & Exit Strategies
Whether you’re going through a merger, acquisition, or asset sale, outsourcing services may include:

  • preliminary analysis 
  • valuation
  • advising key team members during the sales process
  • preparing relevant documentation

Enterprise Services

Independent loan representation is about so much more than just arranging loans. We work closely with you to refinance existing debt, finance equipment and real estate, help you launch new initiatives and franchises, or get funding for personal mortgages and loans. 

Clients come to us because we have the knowledge, experience and track-record for finding the right financing solution. Every client is unique, so we always present you with multiple options tailored to your circumstances and goals.

Securing Funding
Acquiring capital or funding can be very stressful. Our team uses a network of lenders to secure a wide range of capital and lending deals. We can also use our accounting or CFO services in conjunction with enterprise to:

  • Ensure your current financials are correct and put you in a position of strength.
  • Provide financial statements, reports and documents.
  • Assist in structuring capital and debt, determining how much you need. 
  • Review and negotiate your term sheet.
  • Bring confidence to your organization with the help of an experienced CFO or Credit Officer.

Business Valuation
We use a very specific process to estimate the economic value of an owner’s interest in a business. Whether buying or selling a business, our comprehensive valuation system makes sure you’re getting what you’re owed. 

These same valuation tools can often be used to resolve disputes related to a number of transactions, including: 

  • Estate and gift taxation
  • Divorce litigation
  • Asset purchase and negotiation
  • Ownership interest estimation for buy-sell agreements

Tax Preparation & Planning Services

We offer a broad range of year-round tax assistance for individuals and businesses, including:

  • Managing income tax compliance
  • Business and international tax planning 
  • Preparation of personal and corporate returns 
  • Effective representation before taxation authorities 

We take an active approach to all aspects of taxation to help maximize your financial growth. Our experienced team monitors compliance changes to help you avoid surprises at tax time and proactively update your strategy to minimize your liabilities.

Entity Tax Planning
We can help you implement tax-planning structures to achieve specific organizational objectives and minimize tax burdens on the entity, its shareholders and its stakeholders.

International Tax Services
We assist U.S. citizens with the tax implications and compliance for foreign activities, including FBAR filings, controlled foreign corporations, offshore trusts, foreign earned income exclusion, tax credit planning, transfer pricing and more.

Tax Credit Development Services
We assist individuals and businesses with identifying federal and state tax credits that may be available to them, including research and development credits, energy-based credits, foreign tax credits, jobs credits and more.

Estate Tax Planning
We can help individuals and business owners with the development of tax strategies to minimize or eliminate the Estate Income Tax and plans for the passing of tax to the next generation upon death.

Related Party Tax
We assist clients with multiple entities, including subsidiaries and brother-sister entities, to help minimize the overall tax burden.

Transactional Tax Planning
We assist corporate and individual clients in structuring significant transactions to defer or minimize associated tax costs.

Tax Compliance
We assist clients with the preparation of personal, corporate and nonprofit annual tax returns and other informational tax forms.

Core Tax Planning
We assist clients with personal and corporate tax planning strategies to minimize or defer tax liabilities, enhancing shareholder value and personal wealth.

State and Local Tax Compliance and Planning
We assist clients with state and local tax compliance and planning, including multi-state taxation and sales-and-use tax matters.

Tax Authority Representation Services
We assist client negotiations with federal, state and local tax authorities, as well represent clients before the IRS.

Tax Solutions Products/Services
We assist owners selling their businesses with tax planning strategies, including the use of gain elimination tools to reduce the tax impact of transactions.

Proactive Tax Planning
We assist clients with personal and corporate tax planning strategies to minimize or defer tax liabilities, enhancing shareholder value and personal wealth.

Small Business Services

We can customize an accounting solution to fit your business needs. You get a secure client portal online environment that is accessible anytime and anywhere, with communications and document exchanges happening in real time. We offer fixed-fee agreements with monthly invoicing no matter what services you use.

Financial Statements Preparation
We provide reconciliation of bank and credit card statements, issue financial statements, prepare tax returns and provide tax planning, all in our collaborative, secure environment.

Transaction Support
We provide reconciliation of bank and credit card statements, issue financial statements, prepare tax returns and provide tax planning, all in our collaborative, secure environment.