Delivering is what we do at ITAS, driven by our core values:


We combine top-tier expertise and experience with our energetic approach to Accounting, Finance, and Banking. Whether you’re a regular client or brand new to the team, we’ll treat you with the courtesy and respect you expect of a world-leading Advisory Firm. To us, that means leveraging our business know-how to support your best financial and operational decisions.

Personalized Service

There’s no substitute for personal service. We take a listen-first approach to consultancy that puts you at the center of our business considerations. Once we understand your needs, the team sets about exceeding your expectations with transparency and diligence.


Clients that choose ITAS have rapidly evolving needs. That means response time is often a crucial component of success. Our team is always available with accurate, helpful advice or updates regarding your engagement.


All accounting team members in our company complete 40 hours of mandatory training every year. That means our team is always up-to-speed with the latest changes in tax law and governance. Continuing training and development ensures every member of staff is aligned with our goal; helping your business take a proactive approach to financial management.